Frog Racing – 16th October – 7.30pm

Tickets ONLY £2 from Grafty Green PO Stores from 1st September

(Under 18s free)

Pay bar

What is it, I hear you croak!

It’s a bit like the traditional horse race evening (where you bet on the outcome of filmed races) but it’s more fun  – because we don’t have filmed races, we have live racing in the Hall.  Not with live frogs, you understand, but with live ‘jockeys’ (and that could be you!) competing to get their faux frogs first past the post by pulling on their ‘reins’.

The winning frog-jockey in every race gets a prize – but perhaps your ambitions are higher?  You could become an ‘owner’ of a frog and win an even larger prize.  Can’t afford to buy a frog? (although a thoroughbred will only set you back a fiver), well, just come along with some pound coins in your pocket and bet on a winning frog to go home with twice as much as you brought!

There are 5 races (4 heats and a grand final) and you can stake between £1 and £4 on each race and potentially double your money!

Doors open at 7.30, when a full explanation will be given.  The first race starts at 8.00pm.  (You’ll hear the cheering!)

It’s all legal and above board.

All profits got to the Village Hall (Regd. Charity no.288091)